Dental Education Hub

Tepe webinar 2

Implant Maintenance – the Foundation for Long-term Success

Presented by Michaela von Geijer DDS

Wednesday 11th August, 7pm AEST & 9pm AEST


As dental professionals most of us meet patients with dental implants daily. For the patient implant treatment may seem like an easy solution but we know that peri-implant diseases are a prevalent problem. To take proper care of the implants, an effective daily oral hygiene routine is fundamental. The lecture will be based on scientific out-comes, but also provide hands-on tips and actions on how to improve oral health of implant patients.



  • Understand the history of dental implants
  • To present the prevalence, development, and risk factors for peri-implant diseases
  • Discuss the importance of prevention and maintenance care and offer a treatment protocol for maintenance visits


Learning Outcomes;

  • Be aware of prevalence, development and risk factors of peri-implant diseases
  • Be able to recognise and differentiate between peri-mucositis and periimplantitis
  • Be able to plan and implement effective maintenance visits
  • Help your patients understand their important role in the care of their implant and know what tools to use in their daily oral hygiene care